Books I Dated While Abroad

This is going to be quick and dirty. I will do longer posts on many of these book boy and girlfriends at future date, scouts honor. Until then, here are some thoughts about the books I read abroad, summed up at lightning speed.

WONDER by RJ Palacio – A middle grade novel for everyone. Pitch perfect adolescent voices and a story about a boy who was born with severe physical anomaly that will make you cry harder than THE NOTEBOOK plus TITANIC plus video of grown up lions hugging their human parents.

BILLY LYNN’S LONG HALFTIME WALK by Ben Fountain- Debut novel from that dude who was the author in Malcolm Gladwell’s late bloomer essay. Well motherfucker has bloomed, that’s for sure. The story of an American military squad on a two week publicity blitz hero tour, if this novel isn’t shortlisted for a Pulitzer I will punch myself in the face and put it on YouTube.

ORACLE BONES by Peter Hessler- Loved his debut memoir RIVERTOWN about teaching English in China in the 90s, love this memoir about being a reporter in China in the early augurs. And now I have to go read all his New Yorker articles about China. Mr. Hessler, you are a boss and a G. Also, however you say those things in Chines, you’re also that.

GLACIERS by Alexis Smith- The story of a girl who loves vintage clothes and collecting old photographs and works as a librarians specializing in resuscitating old falling apart books and she has and unrequited love thing with the IT guy who’s an ex soldier who’s going back to the Middle East and they’re never going to get to be together… This is basically Manic Pixie Dream Girl Porn and I loved it down to the very last best friend living in an apartment that used to be a coffin factory and vintage party dress description.

COMPLETE SHERLOCK HOLMES by Arthur Conan Doyle- I just could NOT get through the Mormon novella but other than that am a hound for these Baskervilles!!

5 Comments on “Books I Dated While Abroad”

  1. BermudaOnion says:

    I adored Wonder too – what a fabulous book!

  2. Liburuak says:

    We will remind you of that thing where you punch yourself in the face and put it on YouTube in due course (unless, of course, the book IS nominated).

  3. Vasilly says:

    I still haven’t read Wonder though it’s been sitting on my shelves for months. I froze my hold for Glaciers but now I know that I need to undo that. Shit! I’m adding that Ben Fountain book to my tbr list.

  4. I absolutely loved Wonder! It’s definitely one of my favorites for the year.

  5. Erin says:

    Same reaction to the Mormon novella. I never made it out of the desert – they were in the desert at some point, right? I may have fallen asleep then, too.

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