Book Riot is my Boyfriend

In honor of Book Riot’s one year anniversary this past week, here are some of my favorite posts I’ve written for the Riot. En-yoy!

My recap of Episode 1 of Sherlock Holmes adaptation ELEMENTARY with special guest, the Ghost of Arthur Conan Doyle.

I do trailer rundowns of book-to-film adaptations and this is the first one I did for THE GREAT GATSBY, shout!

I wrote a letter to Bridget Jones telling her she wasn’t fat

This is a piece I wrote about my husband-to-be and I falling in love over Italo Calvino

I went backpacking in South America, read a bunch of books, and wrote a post about it

I loved this book CARRY THE ONE, wrote a preview about it, and my  blurb ended up on the INSIDE JACKET of the PUBLISHED NOVEL, WHAT UP?

One of my first pieces for Book Riot became a regular feature, “Genre Kryptonite”, YOU GUYS, I INVENTED SOMETHING, I WILL NOT BE FORGOTTEN WHEN I DIE!!

2 Comments on “Book Riot is my Boyfriend”

  1. I lurve this post so much. But it’s missing Is Snow White a Badass? That one was awesome!

  2. Judy Krueger says:

    I just found you on Book Riot. I love your blog! Your reviewing style is so unique; a great creative endeavor. Carry on and good luck with everything.

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